Annabelle and Tristan

Annabelle and Tristan

Annabelle Fairfax and Tristan Berkeley


Annabelle Fairfax is mentioned in book 4, Pies and Prejudice, when Emma Hawthorne moves to England. She is said to be a pretty, talented ice dancer.


Mr. and Mrs. Berkeley: Annabelle's distant relatives.

Tristan: Tristan Berkerley is Annabelle's distant cousin and ice dance partner, She is said to have been crushing on him.

Simon: Simon Berkerley is Tristan's brother and Annabelle's distant cousin.

Sophie: Sophie Fairfax is Annabelle's French cousin. They get along reasonably well.


Jemima Duff: Friend known as "Puff"

Sophie Miles: Friend known as "Smiles"

Victoria Wesley: Friend known as "Buttercup"

Cassidy: Jealous of Cassidy Sloane and of the attention Tristan starts to show her, Annabelle and Cassidy become enemies, resulting in Cassidy continuing to call her by Emma's nickname Stinkerbelle, Annabelle referring to Cassidy as "Big bad Cassidy Sloane" in front of Tristan, and several pranks.

Emma: Emma Hawthorne calls Annabelle "Stinkerbelle" after Annabelle teases Khalida.

Other MDBC members: Megan Wong, Jessica Delaney, and Rebecca Chadwick.


Stinkerbelle- Emma Hawthorne, Mother Daughter Book Club

Tinkerbelle- Jemima Duff, Sophie Miles, Victoria Wesley

Tink- Jemima Duff, Sophie Miles, Victoria Wesley


Annabelle is described to have striking blue eyes and dark hair like her cousin, Tristan Berkerley.