Ashley Sanborne is a supporting character. She is part of the Fab Four, after Megan leaves, the Fab Three, and when Jen moves away, Double Trouble. She was adopted from Guetemala as a baby, so she has caramel colored skin, black hair and brown eyes.

In the first book, she is very mean to Emma, Jess and Cassidy. The whole Fab Four (Becca, Ashley, Jen and Megan) had crushes on Zach Norton. Zach never payed them any attention except to mumble a quiet hello. The Fab Four get really upset about this.

In the second book Ashley helps the girls plan a fundraiser to save Half Moon Farm.

In the third book, Megan sees that Ashley and Third are a couple, when she sees them holding hands during their eighth-grade class trip. Megan asks Becca when it happened and Becca said it all started at Ashley's birthday. Jen Webster (Part of the Fab Four) moves away between books 2 and 3, so The Fab Four was then down to The Fab Two, or Double Trouble, as Cassidy renames the two remaining members (Becca and Ashley).