Calliope Chadwick
Vital statistics
Names Calliope
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Age Female
Family Henry Chadwick (husband)

Stewart Chadwick (son)
Rebecca Chadwick (daughter)(br>

Pets Yo Yo (dog)
Romances Henry Chadwick (husband)
Affiliations The Mother-Daughter Book Club (club) (club)
Calliope Chadwick is the wife of Henry Chadwick and the mother to Stewart and Rebecca "Becca" Chadwick. She is a very demanding and nosy person, as well as a member of The Mother-Daughter Book Club.

Apperance and PersonalityEdit

Mrs. Chadwick is described to be a large women, with a large behind, with brown hair that Cassidy states to poof out as largely as a football helmet, which she cuts very, very short in the third book and piercing robin's egg blue eyes.

Calliope is not afraid to speak her mind, which can often lead to disasters. She is very proud of the fact that her relatives came from England. However, the Revolutionary War is not a good subject to talk about with Mrs. Chadwick, as her husband's family sided with the British, so they have to reenact British redcoats at the Battle Reenactment every year. She is also described to be the complete opposite of Mr. Chadwick, as she is very large and 'barks' out her sentences, and he is thin and weedy and he speaks quietly.

She roomed with Poppy Sinclair, Savannah Sinclair's mother, when she attended Colonial Academy. She also nominated Jess for the award and helped extend her scholarship all the way through high school.