Clementine Sloane (presently known as Clementine Sloane-Kinkaid) is the mother of Courtney Sloane, Cassidy Ann Sloane, and Chloe Kinkaid, former wife of David Sloane and present wife of Stanley Kinkaid.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Mrs. Sloane-Kinkaid is described as a very tall woman, who used to be a model for Flash magazine, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Courtney Sloane is said to look like a minature version of her mother.

Mrs. Sloane has a cooking show on TV called Cooking With Clementine, on the Food Network. She found out about it in the first book, The Mother-Daughter Book Club, when they were in New York City.

In Dear Pen Pal, she gives birth to Chloe Kinkaid.