Courtney Sloane is the daughter of Clementine Sloane-Kinkaid and David Sloane. She is also the step-daughter of Stanley Kinkaid, the sister of Cassidy Sloane and the half-sister of Chloe Kinkaid. She is four years older than Cassidy, as she is a sophomore in high school in the first book, while Cassidy was in the sixth grade.

Courtney is said to look like a little carbon copy of Mrs. Sloane. She has blonde hair, blue eyes and is tall. She is said to be very pretty and stated by Jess that no one could blame Darcy Hawthorne for liking her. Though Darcy and Courtney are just good friends and they never had any type of romantic relationship.

Courtney attends UCLA in the 4th and 5th books. She meets her boyfriend, Grant Bell in California and gets engaged to him in the 5th book, "Home for the Holidays" on Christmas Eve. They were planning to get married and have a big wedding after college, but then eloped.