Darcy Hawthorne
Vital statistics
Names Darcy
Gender Male
Age 14-20
Family Phoebe Hawthorne (mother)

Nicholas Hawthorne (father)
Emma Hawthorne (younger sister)

Pets Lady Jane Grey (cat)

Pip (dog)
Melville (past cat)

Romances Jessica Delaney (girlfriend)
Affiliations Dartmouth College
Darcy Hawthorne is a character in The Mother-Daughter Book Club Series.

A shirt found in a Jane Austen shop in England.

Family and Friends Edit

Darcy Hawthorne is the son of Phoebe and Nicholas Hawthorne and the brother of Emma Hawthorne. He is a jock, and plays football, baseball, and hockey. He is two grades ahead of Emma in school, making him two years older than her. Emma's best friend, Jess Delaney is currently Darcy's girlfriend. Their relationship began in Pies and Prejudice.

Darcy's best friend's name is Kyle Anderson. Kyle and Darcy both live in Concord, and they are both tall, athletic jocks.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Darcy is described to be a tall, handsome, athletic boy with curly brown hair and warm brown eyes. He is very competitive and has a good friendship with his former teammate Cassidy Sloane, whom he helped get on the middle school hockey team in sixth grade.

He is shown to be very nice and gentlemanly. He always tugs on the end of Jess's braid when he sees her, but in Pies and Prejudice, when they come to visit, he holds Jess's hand instead.They share a kiss in a barn in Home for the Holidays and are still together in Wish You Were Eyre.