Eva Bergson is a champion ice skater. She once earned a gold medal in the Olympics, and when she retired, she began to teach figure skating lessons. Mrs. Bergsen teaches Emma Hawthorne skating, and is like a grandmother to her. She joined the Mother-Daughter Book Club in Dear Pen Pal, after an invitation from Emma during her figure-skating lessons. She helps Cassidy Sloane form her ice hockey program, Chicks With Sticks, to teach young girls ice hockey in the fourth book, Pies and Prejudice. In return, Cassidy agrees to do ice dancing with Tristan Berkley, in place of Annabelle Fairfax, his distant cousin and ice-dancing partner. Eva passes away at the rink in Pies and Prejudice. When she dies, she leaves some money, helping Gigi form her tea shop, which is also named Pies and Prejudice. Eva also left her gold medal and skates to Emma. Because Eva had adopted Pip (a dog) earlier in the book, Emma was allowed to adopt him after Eva's death, despite the fact that her parents didn't want a dog.