Vital statistics
Names Gigi
Gender Female
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Family Lily Wong (daughter)

Jerry Wong (son-in-law)
Megan Wong (granddaughter)

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Romances Edouard de Roches
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Gigi is the energetic, loving grandmother of Megan Wong.

Appearance Edit

She is described as having short dark hair and very similar to her daughter, Lily Wong.

Personality Edit

Gigi has a great sense of fashion, like Megan, but Lily does not like this because she thinks fashion is "frivolous". They have many other conflicts with each other and Megan until it is resolved in the end of Dear Pen Pal. Not only is she a fashionista, but she is a great cook. Gigi is also loving to everyone, and by helping the Chadwicks she gave them free food from her shop and hired Becca to work at her shop.

In the books Edit

Because she is a good cook, Gigi made dinner with the book club, making dim sum and many other delicious foods like pie that her son-in-law, Jerry Wong ate and gained a couple of pounds from because he was eating it so much. Gigi is her nickname and goes by that because of the play Gigi, which she adores. In Home for the Holidays she opens a tea shop with the money given by Eva Bergson, her best friend, from her will. The tea shop is called called Pies and Predjudice after the mother daughter book club's pie-company that they temporarily made to raise money for Emma to come back from England.