Grant Bell is the boyfriend and fiancé of Courtney Sloane. He lives in Los Angeles, California at UCLA. He is first introduced in Home For The Holidays.

Appearance Edit

Grant is described as being tall and tan with sandy hair and blue eyes. This would be expected, as Grant was raised and lives in California. Megan and Becca both described him as cute.

Personality Edit

Grant is portrayed as a fun-loving young man. Cassidy stated in Home For The Holidays that he was already in her good books because he was on the UCLA tennis team. He often jokes around with Cassidy and the rest of the Mother-Daughter Book Club. He also has a sweet side, helping Courtney out whenever she needs him, and the two spend a lot of time together. He is interested in film and television, as shown in Home For The Holidays when he requested to watch a taping of Cooking With Clementine. He studies this at UCLA, however it was also mentioned that after UCLA he would be heading to law school.