Kevin Mullins
Vital statistics
Names Kevin
Gender Male
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Romances Jessica Delaney (crush)
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Kevin Mullins is a supporting character in the Mother-Daughter Book Club series.

In The Books Edit

He is in the same grade as The Mother-Daughter Book Club girls, since he has been moved ahead several years. Thus he is younger than his friends. He has a very big crush on Jessica Delaney, the only girl who was nice to him for several years. Even when Jess goes to Colonial Academy in Dear Pen Pal, he leaves notes with Jess' housemother to give to Jess and brings her a giant book about wildflowers at a dance, which Jess quotes is "Kevin Mullins' idea of a bouquet".


Kevin is described to be short in the first 4 books, and then grows in Home for the Holidays and is almost as tall as Cassidy Sloane (which is over 6 ft.). His dark hair is in a bowl cut. Jess says his eyes are like an owl's. He has glasses as well, which are very thick-framed. He has a pale complexion.