Lily Wong is the mother of Megan Rose Wong, the wife of Jerry Wong, and the daughter of Gigi. She loves to save the Earth, and is vegetarian. She lives in a large white house with her family on Strawberry Hill, because her husband became rich from a computer gadget. She often donates lots of their money to charities. She likes to use a lot of tofu and brings very healthy but disgusting-looking dishes to book club meetings, such as vegan cheesecake and Tofu Toms. She is a terrible cook, and nobody eats her dishes at book club, though the other members try to be very polite about it.


Mrs. Wong is Asian American, so she has ivory skin and black hair, which she wears in an "unflattering style", as her daughter Megan states in the first book. She is of medium height and very thin.

Lily trys to protest against the selling of Half Moon Farm in Much Ado About Anne by handcuffing herself to a tree and saying a speech about taxes and the unfairness of the situation. Becca then takes a picture of Lily on her cell phone, writes an article about it, and makes it seem like Cassidy and Emma did the whole thing. The name of the article is "Handcuffs Wong".