Megan Rose Wong
Vital statistics
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Gender Female
Age 12-18
Family Lily Wong (mother)

Jerry Wong (father)
Gigi (maternal grandmother)

Pets Coco (cat)
Romances Zach Norton (former crush)

Simon Berkeley (boyfriend)

Affiliations Flash Magazine
Megan Rose Wong is one of the main characters. Megan is Chinese-American and is a fashionista.

Megan Wong, as shown in the cover of the the third book.

Personality & AppearanceEdit

Personality Edit

Megan is a friendly and fashionable girl who loves to shop and plans to be a fashion designer. In the books, we see that she likes to talk with herself in the mirror, calling her reflection "Mirror Megan". It is noted that she longs for a sibling, and talks to Mirror Megan when she gets lonely. Megan is stuck-up and part of the Fab Four in the first few books, but over time becomes closer to the book club girls and loses her snobbish manner.

Appearance Edit

Megan is Asian-American. She has brown eyes, shiny black, straight hair, a slim build, medium height, and ivory skin. She is always dressed fashionably, and likes to be as original as possible. She puts a lot of thought into her outfits and consults them with 'Mirror Megan'.


Megan is best friends with Rebecca Chadwick, Emma Hawthorne, Jessica Delaney, Cassidy Sloane, and good friends with Jen and Ashley. In the second book, she fights with Becca, after she, framing Cassidy and Emma, posted a newspaper article of Megan's mother handcuffed to a tree (Handcuffs Wong). Her mother had done this to help protect Half Moon Farm. At the end of the book, Becca confesses, and all the girls become friends. In the fourth book, she meets Simon Berkeley, who is a member of the family that house-swapped with the Hawthornes. But thanks to her online blog, "Fashionista Jane", he stops talking to her, after she criticizes a spandex jumpsuit his older brother wore while ice skating. Soon he forgives her, and they develop crushes on each other. This soon blossoms into a relationship. They break up for a while in Home For The Holidays, but get back together later in the book. She considers Gigi, her grandmother, as another good friend because they both enjoy fashion and are extremely close.

Family Edit

Megan is part of a rich family, and an only child. She and her mother have different personalities; her mother is an ecology freak (she always wears shirts with environmental logos, and handcuffed herself to a tree to help save Half Moon Farm), always cooks vegan, and doesn't like fashion, always wearing yoga pants Megan is embarrassed by her mother's obsession over the environment. In the first book, her mother doesn't approve of Megan's "passion for fashion", but in the second book, when Megan helps Half Moon Farm by organizing a fashion show, her mother is shown to be proud of her daughter's talent. In the third book, Gigi, Megan's grandmother, moves in with them, and Megan identifies with Gigi, making Megan's mother jealous. This is resolved by the end of the book.

Megan Wong, as shown in the cover of the sixth book.

Mother: Lily Wong

Father: Jerry Wong

Grandmother: Gigi