Lily Wong the mother of Megan Rose Wong and is a total health nut. She is a big supporter in the community and donates to lots of "worthy causes". She is friends with all the mothers in the book club, but in the middle of book one, gets in a small fight with Clementine Sloane about Megan wanting to become a fashion designer. Mrs. Wong wants Megan to be an environmental lawyer and to go to MIT and Harvard, while Megan wants to become a fashion designer and live in Paris. At the beginning of Dear Pen Pal, Lily's mother, Gigi, comes to live with them from Hong Kong, where Lily is originally from. Gigi is very fashionable and carefree, the exact opposite of Mrs.Wong, which causes tension between them frequently. Megan often hears her mother and Gigi arguing angrily in Chinese so Megan can't understand what they're saying. Megan is way more like Gigi and this tends to make Mrs. Wong jealous from time to time. Megan once heard her mother tell Gigi that she is driving a wedge between her and Megan, before bursting into tears.