Nicholas or Nick Hawthorne, is the husband of Pheobe Hawthorne and the father of Emma and Darcy Hawthorne. He is an aspiring author, who writes a book called Spring Reckoning, published in book 4. He is shown to be very funny, often joking about Calliope Chadwick's large bottom. In Spring Reckoning, Calliope believed that one of the characters, Hepzibah Plunkett, is based on her due her shrewish temper and large bottom which was described in the book as "a defiant lady-in-waiting". Nicholas also does all the cooking in the Hawthorne family, due to Mrs. Hawthorne's "not being able to even boil water", as Mrs. Hawthorne jokes. While Mrs. Hawthorne is a terrible cook, Mr. Hawthorne is almost as good a chef as Mrs. Sloane-Kinkaid, who has her own cooking show.