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Pip is Eva Bergson's lovable dog, who was found when Jess came to the Concord Animal Shelter with Savannah Sinclair. Savannah told Jess that if no one adopted him, Pip would be put to sleep. They hide him in the attic at Colonial Academy, meaning for him to be a present for Emma, who has always wanted a dog, until Mrs. Crandall finds out. After this, Emma begs her parents to keep Pip, but they say no, resulting in Eva Bergson stepping in and adopting Pip. After she dies, Emma's family takes Pip in.

Appearances Edit

Pip is described in Dear Pen Pal to have golden brown fur and brown chocolaty eyes, with boundless energy.

Connections Edit

Eva Bergson Edit

Eva Bergson adopts Pip in Dear Pen Pal after Emma's parents say no. She is said to be very lonely, and loves Pip because he is wonderful company, and often allows Emma to take him on walks.

Emma Hawthorne Edit

Pip was meant by Jess Delaney and Savannah Sinclair to be a birthday present for Emma, because she loves dogs but her family won't let her get one. After Mrs. Crandall finds Pip, who was hidden in the attic at Colonial Academy so Savannah and Jess could give him to Emma, Eva Bergson adopts Pip, and in Pies and Prejudice, Eva Bergson dies, subsequently having Emma take in the dog.

Jessica Delaney & Savannah Sinclair Edit

Jess and Savannah found Pip at the Concord Animal Shelter, and sneak him out to the attic in Colonial Academy, where he is hidden as a birthday present for Emma until Mrs. Crandall finds Pip, resulting in Eva Bergson adopting him.