Savannah Sinclair
Vital statistics
Names Savannah
Gender Female
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Family Poppy Sinclair (mother)
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Affiliations Colonial Academy (school)
Savannah Sinclair and Jess are friends at Colonial Academy. They were bitter rivals at first, but then they become good friends. She loves horse-back riding.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Savannah is pretty and tall with long chestnut brown hair.

In Dear Pen Pal, she is shown as snotty and mean, but she confesses to Jess that she was jealous of her and stopped being such a queen bee. In the rest of the series she becomes much more friendly and becomes good friends with Jess.


In the third book, Jess and Savannah were bitter enemies, as Savannah was really snobby and mean, and she and Jess played pranks on each other. Later in the book and throughout the rest of the series, however, she and Jess get to be much better friends. Savannah is also shown to be friends, but not nest friends, with Jess's best friends at Colonial Academy, Adele Bixby and Francesca "Frankie" Norris.