Shannon Delaney
Vital statistics
Names Shannon

Larissa LaRue (former stage name)

Gender Female
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Family Michael Delaney (husband)

Jessica Delaney (daughter)
Dylan and Ryan Delaney (twin sons)

Pets Sugar (dog)

Spice (dog)
Led (horse)
Zep (horse)
Many chickens

Romances Michael Delaney (husband)
Affiliations Half Moon Farm

HeartBeats (former job- a soap opera)

Shannon Delaney is one of the members of The Mother-Daughter Book Club. She is the mother of Jess, Dylan and Ryan Delaney and the wife of Michael Delaney. She owns a family farm called Half Moon Farm. In The Mother-Daughter Book Club, she was Larissa LaRue on a soap opera in New York City called HeartBeats. She comes home in the last chapter of The Mother-Daughter Book Club.

Apperance and PersonalityEdit

Shannon Delaney is described as a petite, thin women with dark brown hair, blue eyes like her daughter, Jess, and fair skin. It is unknown where Jess gets her thick blonde hair, as Shannon's hair is dark, although Jess' father's hair color is never mentioned- so it may be blonde.