Sophie Fairfax is a photographer from France who goes to the United States and lives with Megan Wong.


Grandfather: Edouard de Roches is a chauffeur. He works for a family who live in a chateau.

Gigi: Gigi marries Edouard in Wish you were Eyre.

Mr and Mrs. Berkeley: Sophie's distant relatives.

Simon: Simon Berkerely is Sophie's distant cousin. She was seen to be video chatting with him, much to the dismay of Simon's girlfriend, Megan Wong.

Tristan: Tristan is Sophie's distant cousin. Tristan greets Sophie in a video chat in Wish you were Eyre. This makes Cassidy Sloane suspicious.

Megan: Megan Wong and Sophie become relatives through Gigi and Edouard's wedding.

Mrs. Wong: Lily Wong and Sophie share being vegetarians and Lily is very happy when Sophie moves into the Wong's home. They become related after Gigi and Edouard marry.


Sophie has hazel eyes and dark curly hair cut in a bob "framing her face."


Megan: Sophie and Megan Wong meet in Wish You were Eyre. When Sophie stays at the Wong's house, they become enemies. Later they become friends. Sophie steals Megan's cat from her by always holding it. I hate sophie.

Cassidy: Cassidy Sloane plans a prank on Sophie but later tries to correct her mistake when she becomes friends with Sophie.

MDBC:' The Mother Daughter Book Club dislikes Sophie but later becomes friends with her.

Annabelle: Sophie and her cousin Annabelle Fairfax seem to be close.


Madame Velcro:' Cassidy Sloane