Stanley Kinkaid is the stepfather of Cassidy Ann Sloane and Courtney Sloane, the second husband of Clementine Sloane-Kinkaid, and the father of Chloe Kinkaid. He begins to date Clementine is the second book, Much Ado About Anne, and proposes to her later in the book, during the fashion show fundraiser to save Half Moon Farm. In the third book, Dear Pen Pal, he and Clementine announce that they are going to have a baby. Clementine gives birth to their baby daughter named Chloe Kinkaid later in the book.


Stanley is a bald man who is an accountant. He is shorter than Clementine, making them look like an odd couple. He is very pleasant, making a huge effort to get Cassidy to be his friend in the second book. He takes her to a Boston Bruins game for her birthday, hoping for them to bond over sports, but Cassidy runs to the car later on in the game, upset. He is the auctioneer in the fashion show in the second book. He and Cassidy make a stronger bond through sports later in the series, after Stanley and Clementine get married and have Chloe.