Tristan Berkeley is the older brother of Simon Berkeley. He is an ice dancer who came to Concord because his father had a job at Harvard. He was enemies with Cassidy in the first half of book 4, He slightly appeared in book 5 and appeared in book 6. 

Appearance and Personality Edit

Tristan is dark, tall, and handsome, described by Becca and has dark brown hair and deep blue eyes. He is only a few inches taller than Cassidy, who is nearly six feet tall. He has a jaw that looks like it has been chiseled out and a long straight nose. He is also drop dead handsome. At first, Tristan is known as a stuck-up person, with no emotions and dislikes Cassidy. His well-known nicknames are "His Majesty", "Tristan Jerkeley", "Duke of Puke", and "Mr.Fancy Pants". As the plot progresses, Tristan becomes " more human " and catches Cassidy's attention when he helps consoles tiny Katie Angelino. Megan also mentioned that he is not a sore loser.

Friends and Romance Edit

Simon: Simon is one of Tristan's closest friends, and brother. Simon worships Tristan, and treats him like his idol.

Cassidy: Cassidy was Tristan's enemy through the first half of book 4. But after Cassidy made a deal with Mrs.Bergson into being Tristan's ice dancing partner then the two became closer. They shared a kiss at Chawton in book 4 and a kiss at the ice rink in book 6.

Annabelle: Annabelle is Tristan's distant cousin and former ice dancing partner. However, Annabelle seems to have a crush on Tristan throughout book 4.

Becca: Becca seems to think Tristan is handsome, while he likes Cassidy and kisses her, Becca doesn't seem to care

Zach: Zach is not a friend-he is an enemy. Tristan and Zach hate each other because Zach is upset and jealous of Tristan because Cassidy chose Tristan over Zach,