Zach Norton
Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Age 12-16
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Romances Cassidy Sloane (ex-girlfriend)

Rebecca Chadwick (possible crush)

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Zach Norton is one of Cassidy's best friends, as well as a good friend to Jess after acting with her in the school play in sixth grade. Emma becomes friends with him in the second book, ignoring the incident in The Mother-Daughter Book Club with her poem about him. Zach plays a role in the books as their classmate, later becoming something more than just friends with Cassidy.

Appearance Edit

Zach is described as handsome and tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes. His looks and nice attitude lands him the title of most crushed upon in the grade.

Biography Edit

In sixth grade, he and Jess play the lead roles in the school play, Beauty And The Beast. Emma, Becca, and Megan have major crushes on him, although, however, he is embarrassed about Emma, he only likes Megan as a friend, and tries to avoid Becca because she is very flirty and tries hard to get his attention.

The Mother-Daughter Book Club Edit

At a hockey game in the first book, Becca steals Emma's journal and reads a poem that Emma had written about him, called "Zach Attack", out loud to him and his friends. While causes Zach to avoid Emma and "The Fab Four" for a while, he eventually comes to like them as friends.

Much Ado About Anne Edit

Emma switches from liking Zach when she meets Stewart Chadwick, seeing how Zach would never like her as anything more than friends. At Megan's fashion show to save Half Moon Farm, Zach falls and hurts his ankle, preventing him from being the escort.

Dear Pen Pal Edit

Zach reveals his liking for Cassidy by kissing her in Dear Pen Pal; Cassidy throws her baseball mitt at him in return, causing him a black eye. Their relationship as friends becomes shaky after that, although in the fourth book, they seem to be back to normal.

Later Edit

Cassidy learns to like Zach as more than just friends, though Becca leaves him when she finds a boy who she likes and likes her back named Theo, who lives in Minnesota. She meets him in Wish You Were Eyre.